Millions of Sites Have Jetpack — Here’s Why Yours Should Too

WordPress is a great, secure option for building your site and growing your brand or passion. But, of course, you probably want to expand upon its foundation to build something unique to your vision.

Jetpack can help you accomplish that, providing a wealth of tools all in one plugin. 

If you host your site through, you get the advantage of top-notch servers, a dedicated support team, world-class integrations, and more. On top of all of that, with a Pro plan, you gain instant access to Jetpack’s top features. 

Here’s why Jetpack is already trusted by millions of sites:

Why Jetpack is the best all-around WordPress plugin 

1. It helps secure your site. 

Hosting your site on’s secure servers already enhances your protection against certain kinds of cyber attacks. But there’s so much more you can do to keep your investment out of the hands of hackers. 

This is where Jetpack shines with world-class security features that can prevent attacks, notify you if there’s a problem, and help you recover quickly if the worst ever does happen. 

Here are some of Jetpack’s key security features:

Jetpack Backup

Backups are a crucial part of protecting the data on your site. Think of all the changes you make — writing new blog posts, adding images, editing pages, or making sales. Losing all of that could be devastating!

While daily backups are great, Jetpack Backup ups your protection with real-time backups that save every change as it happens. This means that you always have records of every sale, comment, or update, and you can run your website with peace of mind. 

You can even access and restore backups remotely if your site is ever down. 

Jetpack Scan

Thousands of websites are hacked every day, hurting site owners’ finances and reputations. Visitors who see that your site is dangerous will do a digital about-face, leaving your website for safer online waters. 

Jetpack Scan provides automatic security scans and immediately alerts you if anything’s found on your site, like malware. It even provides one-click fixes for the majority of threats, so you can get right back to writing content, engaging with readers, or selling your products.

Jetpack Anti-spam

Manually sorting through comments on your site takes a lot of time and gets frustrating fast — especially if the majority of them are spam from mindless bots. Jetpack Anti-spam does the heavy lifting for you by automatically clearing out irrelevant comments. It makes things easier for your visitors, too, because they’ll no longer need to complete annoying CAPTCHAs to prove they’re not robots. 

It keeps the real conversation moving while eliminating the definitely aggravating — and possibly dangerous — spam. 

Jetpack Brute Force Attack Protection

Brute force attacks are the most common type of hacks. This is when bots try thousands of different username and password combinations until they find the right one. Once they’ve gained access to your site, they can do anything from inserting spammy links to stealing data or worse. 

And, even if they don’t get in, a brute force attack can drain your site resources and slow things down for you and the visitors you serve. It’s a bummer of an attack and one that’s done randomly — a site with a few hundred monthly visitors is just as much of a target as one with thousands. 

Jetpack’s brute force attack protection defends your WordPress site by stopping the attack at its source. When it detects suspicious behavior, it will block the offending IP address. But it’s also continually making notes from attacks on other websites and proactively banning identified bots before they can even try. On average, Jetpack defends against more than 5,000 brute force attacks over the life of a site. 

2. It can improve the user experience.

A lot goes into providing an excellent experience for your site visitors. It’s important that they can find what they’re looking for quickly, without having to wait forever for your website to load. If they can’t, they may go elsewhere to find a recipe for dinner, purchase a T-shirt, or book a consultation. Negative user experience can also hurt your search engine rankings, making it harder for potential customers, clients, and readers to find you. 

Here’s how you can improve your user experience with Jetpack’s tools:

  1. Jetpack Boost: You can check your site performance, speed things up, and improve your search rankings all at once. It works by improving things that impact Core Web Vitals —  measurements that Google uses to evaluate a site’s user experience. When implemented, your site will load faster and in a more logical manner. The result is happier visitors and an improved reputation in the eyes of Google.
  1. Jetpack CDN: When someone tries to access your site, the content is served from, well, servers. Large files like images can slow things down. But so can factors like the physical distance between a visitor and the server. Jetpack’s content delivery network (CDN) serves bulky image files from their network of global servers. This means your site loads more quickly, no matter where someone is located.  
  2. VideoPress: This powerful tool allows you to upload videos to your own site, so visitors won’t experience ads from competitors (as they would with YouTube, for example). But it also dramatically improves the load time of your videos and keeps them from bogging things down.
  3. Jetpack Search: This is an all-in-one customizable search tool that beefs up the traditional search functionality. Site visitors can easily explore your site and use filters to narrow down hundreds or thousands of posts to find exactly what they’re looking for. It also provides handy features like spelling correction, instant content indexing, and result prioritization based on site stats.

3. It can help you grow.

There are a variety of things that go into successfully growing your website, whether you sell products online, offer services, or write content. And the exact strategy you’ll use to grow can vary dramatically from site to site.

Here’s a few of the ways Jetpack can help you expand your reach, engagement, and sales:

  • Site stats: With site stats, you get a no-nonsense summary of the most essential elements of site performance. Find out how many visitors you’re welcoming, where they come from, what pages or posts are most popular, and more. You can use this info to spot trends or problems and guide your strategic planning. 
  • Social media: Creating an authentic presence on social media is one way to drive traffic to your site. But manually posting on each platform can be tedious and time-consuming. With Jetpack’s automation tools, you can create, preview, and schedule blog posts to publish to your social media accounts. 
  • Payment solutions: Accept payments from customers worldwide with the Payments block. Add a payment button to any page on your site and never miss another sales opportunity. You can even use this tool to set up monthly or yearly payments for membership websites or product subscriptions. 
  • Online advertising: Looking to monetize the content on your website? Jetpack can display high-quality ads to your audience, helping you earn passive income every time an ad is viewed. 

Invest in success

No matter the kind — or size — of the site you run, Jetpack simply makes for a better WordPress experience. That’s probably why so many of Jetpack’s features are already included with a Pro plan. Combining the brilliant support and unparalleled infrastructure of with tools from Jetpack is a simple way to invest in the future success of your site.
Millions of sites already trust Jetpack. Upgrade to WordPress Pro or explore Jetpack plans today. 


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